Here is the breakdown of ticket prices and fees:

Ticket Price vs. Face Value
Depending on the screen you are on you will see the ticket prices represented as whole dollars when they include tax, while other areas of this site will show the face value of the ticket with the associated sales tax next to it.

Sales Tax
Sales tax is calculated on a per-ticket basis rather than the total face value of multiple tickets that you are purchasing. NJ sales tax applies to every ticket sold, even for people who live out of state, because our entertainment service is provided when you arrive at our farm in NJ.

Avoid the online fees!
Every ticket purchased online has a $3.95 processing fee. In other words, if you purchase 10 tickets online, for any attraction, you will pay an additional $39.50 in processing fees. If you don't want to spend the extra money then we recommend buying your tickets in-person at the farm.

Avoid the in-person credit card fees!
We also charge a 4% credit card fee when you use a credit card to buy tickets in-person on the farm. If you don't want to spend the extra 4% then we recommend paying cash for your tickets when buying in-person.

Avoid the fees, pay cash!